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VIDEO: My Pioneer XDJ-R1 has been sent off for repair...

Check out the video above...

Just a quick update to say I have now sent of my Pioneer XDJ-R1 off for repair. I was experiencing problems with lights going off and the filter knob sticking and with my warranty just about to run out, I thought I might as well get it all fixed and take advantage of my warranty.

So I will not having it for a maximum of 28 days. But live mixes I normally do at 7pm to 8pm (GMT) will still be running, but it will not have video and it will be mixed plain and simply on Virtual DJ, so the mixes will not be amazing or perfect mixes by any stretch of your imagination for the next 4 weeks, but after that I will be back with it and back to normal, but still tune in on Thursday 7pm to 8pm GMT where there still will be amazing hardcore playing live...



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