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DJAppyD - Update (July 2018)

Sup Everyone i hope you all had a great year!

It's been a hell of a long time since i updated this website, the past couple of months have been busy and well within the last year i went from having a bit of free time to seemingly having no time on my plate. So i have updated that i now only stream live when i can and mainly aim to do videos when i can record, edit, render and upload within a reasonable time, this whole process normally takes me a week, so i normally just stream.

I just wanted to also let you know that at present i have stopped payments to Soundcloud so unfortunately if you wanted to watch in the archive you can't and for the time being anything to upload to there will be uploaded it's just in pending, so bare with me on that, i will keep you posted.

Other than that, the past couple of months i have had a bit more time then usual and will hopefully be in a better position work wise to manage my time better to focus on YouTube, and get things up and running again. (normal 9-5 hours)


p.s. I recently streamed today on YouTube check it out, something very different i'm excited for you guys to check it out, multi-genre but well with 'no rules'

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