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Deleted Soundcloud Mixes?!?!?

Hello everyone,

So if any of you have gone to my soundcloud page you may notice that it only has a few uploads, this is due to me not having pro unlimited anymore. At this moment in time, money is not really working my way so due to that i can't pay for it, but in the coming months i am sure it will be back up and running again.

I want to reassure you i haven't deleted any of them they are all still there, but with soundcloud unless you pay for pro unlimited you can only have a limited number of hours uploaded. So they will all be back as soon as i get that back.

Until then i can't upload to soundcloud so any of my mixes that happen live for YouTube will still be on YouTube, but however, anything for the next few months that happens on will purely happen on there and while i could upload it to Mixcloud, i don't really like the platform so i hope you understand. But if asked i will upload them all to soundcloud to keep the backlog on there, but i may not do it.

For the time being YouTube will be the main place you can find my mixes, at least the one that have video.

So again i apologies about this but i will try to get it back up and running as normal as soon as i fesiably can.

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