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Hey Guys, hope your all having a good 2016 so far...

Here at DJAppyD I am proud to be saying that I am now part of the family and I can now confirm that I will not only be Live on YouTube I will also be Live on the radio hosting my own own show The UK Hardcore Show - aswell as other parts of the website.

I am doing a monthly liveshow starting as of the 11th of Feburary, 2016. This will be for one hour starting at 11am UK time (for time converstions, go to website or here: It will be every month after that on every second Tuesday.

I am very happy that I am joining the family and I feel this will be great for the popularity of DJAppyD and I now have the oppotunity to grow even more and continue to progress. It feels a real privelidge to be joining the likes of hardcore DJ's like DJ Cotts and Hardcore Hodgepodge.

When more information is available there will be futher updates to this blog so stay tuned, as well as to my YouTube channel and social media. A schedule is to be confimed soon too so stay tuned for that.

Thanks for the continued support by my followers which have got me to where I am now...


I will still be doing my regular weekly livestreams on YouTube.


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